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The idea of holding a golf tournament fundraiser is a popular one, and for a good reason. It allows the charity to be associated with an event that many people enjoy, and that is playing golf. We are excited to be partnering with Rhodes Ranch Golf Club and NPHY for our Second Annual Liquor World Charity Golf Tournament.


What is the NPHY? NPHY is the most comprehensive service provider for the thousands of young people experiencing homelessness in our community, providing access to life-changing services for homeless youth 24 hours a day at virtually every street corner in Southern Nevada. NPHY’s wraparound programs stabilize young people’s lives, meeting their immediate needs and providing a safe, supportive environment and a path to self-sufficiency. NPHY’s individualized, holistic services empower young people to not only achieve long-term independence, but to craft the futures they want for themselves. Strengthening and complementing our high-quality direct services for homeless youth, NPHY is dedicated to advocating for the Vegas Valley’s homeless youth population and serves as a leader in systems-level efforts to eliminate homelessness among Nevada’s youth.

The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, a charity that is very close to our hearts. The youth homelessness problem in Nevada is uniquely dire. It is, in fact, the worst in the United States. Homelessness is always a terrible predicament, but homeless minors face additional risks of exploitation, and additional challenges in securing employment and government resources. The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth helps keep children off, of the streets and it provides resources to make sure that they never have to go back to a life of housing insecurity. Every swing of the club helps!